Monday, January 20, 2014

Highlights of Musical Use in Scripture

Our post today is regarding highlights of musical use in scripture.

I encourage you to use any and all of these references to present to your music departments or singers/musicians/drama teams/liturgical dance teams/signing teams, etc.  I believe it is important for us all to understand the scriptural basis for how/why we minister as we do.  If someone was to ask me today why my church music department does certain things, would I be able to show some sort of biblical basis to it all?  Or do I do things in my ministry out of traditions passed to me by others?

Music in Bible Times

Paul clearly puts forth the Christian's view that things are not good or bad in and of themselves (see Romans 14 and I Corinthians 14:7, 8, 26).  The point should always be to worship the Lord or help others by means of the things of this world, including music.  Music was created by God and can be returned to him in praise.  Does the music you play or listen to have a negative or positive impact upon your relationship with God?

Highlights of Musical Use in Scripture

Jubal was father of all musicians. . . . .  Genesis 4:21
Miriam and other women sang and danced to praise God . . . .  Exodus 15:1-21
The priest was to have bells on his robes . . . . Exodus 28:34, 35
Jericho fell to the sound of trumpets . . . . Joshua 6:4-20
Saul experienced the soothing effect of music . . . . I Samuel 16:14-23
The King's coronation was accompanied by music . . . . I Kings 1:39, 40
The ark was accompanied by trumpeters . . . . I Chronicles 16:6
There were musicians for the king's court . . . .  Ecc. 2:8
From David's time on, the use of music in worship was much more organized.  Music for the temple became refined . . . . . I Chronicles 15:16-24; I Chronicles 16:4-7; II Chronicles 5:11-14
Everything was to be used by everyone to praise the Lord . . . . Psalm 150

In the New Testament, worship continued in the synagogues until the Christians became unwelcome there, so there was a rich musical heritage already established.  The fact that music is mentioned less often in the New Testament does not mean it was less important.

Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn . . . . Matthew 26:30
Paul and Silas sang in jail . . . . Acts 16:25
We are to sing to the Lord as a response to what he has done in our lives . . . . Ephesians 5:19,20; Colossians 3:16; James 5:13

As indicated previously in this post, these scriptures are but highlights - I will post many more scriptures dealing with music ministry in the months ahead.  Now go share this information with your fellow ministry friends!

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